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One of the Most Unique Disc Golf Courses in the World!

(and it's Free!)

The 2015 Pender Classic Tournament

The Pender Classic is Pender Island's penultimate disc event. Every year hundreds of players from western Canada and the US compete. This year the tournament takes place over four days: May 21 - 24. The disc park is extremely busy during the tournament. Casual players may want to plan to play either very early in the day or wait until evening. While the course is open to the public we ask that competitors be allowed to play through and not be distracted. Thank you!

All New Tournament Format ... Click here for more info!

The 2015 BC Provincials Tournament

Is coming to Pender Island!

This September, during the Golf Islands Disc Park's 35th anniversary, the BC Provincials tournament will be held on Pender Island. This will be the first time the Pender Island Golf and Country Club will be utilized as part of a Pender Island disc golf tournament. There will be many benefits, both for participants and viewers.

More info coming asap! (Including a link for online registration.)

The Golf Island Disc Park, located in Magic Lake Estates on North Pender Island, BC, features 27 holes. The front nine holes have the original tone poles while the middle and back nines have chain baskets, installed in 2004. The Pender Islands disc golf course winds its way over and around a rocky hill just to the north of Magic Lake. The location of the course, with its many trees and bumpy landscape, make for an exciting game and a wonderful walk in the woods.

Disc Golf is a rapidly growing international sport and due to the efforts of a number of dedicated volunteers a lovely course has evolved on Pender. The game's played much like traditional golf, except that players use golf discs (very much like Frisbees™, but generally slimmer) and instead of greens with cups, there are chain baskets and tone poles. To learn more about how to play the game click here. Disc golf can be played by anyone old enough to walk! Families frequent the course and more than a few of Pender's seniors have discovered the benefits of the game.

The Golf Island Disc Park was first 'roughed out' in 1980 by Alex Fraser, Dave Watson and Doug Keating. The second nine was begun in 1984 and by 1987 the initial course was completed, although improvements continue to this day. In 1985 the BC Provincial Disc Golf Tournament was held on Pender and in 2005 the Provincials returned to the Golf Island Disc Park. In 1985 30 players from BC and Washington competed. In 2005 over 100 discers competed. Tournaments on Pender attract players from BC, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, California and beyond.

The Golf Islands Disc Park is maintained by the Pender Islands Park Commission and the Pender Disc Golf Club volunteers. Numerous individuals, companies and organizations help by sponsoring equipment, improvements and events. The Pender Disc Golf Club maintains this website. If you've any questions please feel free to contact us.

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